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  • What Is an Anterior Tibialis Tendon Rupture?

    A tibialis anterior tendon rupture is a rare injury that causes sudden pain in the front of your ankle and trouble moving your foot.The tibialis anterior tendon attaches a muscle in the front of your shin to the front of your foot. If the tendon tears, it can cause pain and trouble doing normal activities like walking and running.

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  • Ankle replacement surgery: What to expect

    Ankle replacement surgery involves removing damaged parts of the ankle joint and replacing them with an artificial joint. It is an option when noninvasive treatments, such as physical therapy, have been ineffective for arthritis.

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  • Sprained Ankle: Treatment and Recovery

    Your ankle joint connects your foot with your lower leg. Three ligaments keep your ankle bones from shifting out of place. A sprained ankle is when one of these ligaments is stretched too far or torn. Anything that stretches your ankle more than it’s used to can hurt a ligament. This usually happens when your foot is turned inward, outward, or twisted.

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  • Physical Therapy for a Broken Ankle

    A broken ankle can severely limit your ability to perform basic functional tasks like running and walking. This painful injury can cause loss of lower extremity strength, range of motion, and pain. These impairments can make performing your normal everyday activities difficult or impossible.

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  • Causes of Foot Pain and Treatments

    Common causes of foot pain include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, osteoarthritis, bunions, and more. You may find just the top of your foot hurts, or you have one-sided foot pain, or there may be pain and swelling in both feet. These symptoms can point to a specific diagnosis.

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