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    Dr. Mitchell was conservative, not insisting on surgery because he didn't think my condition warranted it at this time. Wait time was short and his staff amenable.
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    I have practiced surgery in the Phoenix Az area for 30 years. I developed arthritis in my left foot. Dr. Mitchel was recommended to me by many of my physician colleges as an outstanding orthopedic foot surgeon. Dr. Mitchell performed an outpatient arthrodesis of my left foot. The surgery was uneventful. I have fully recovered and am able to walk pain free. I am more than pleased with his care and his office. I have had other orthopedic procedures Dr. Mitchell far exceed the other doctors with his information about how to manage my post operative period. I called the office with a question and Dr. Mitchell called me back the answer.Highly recommend.
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    Dr. Mitchell performed surgery to help my mother. He is the perfect amount of funny and deliberate. Working with him has been a refreshing change from most places. I think he sets the standard on how Doctors (and their offices) are supposed to operate.
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    Excellent doctor! Very thorough in explaining the injury and the procedure to fix the problem. Superb bedside manner and a very enjoyable staff to deal with. All questions answered promptly. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
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    I think I’ve been to almost every ankle surgeon in the Phoenix metro area. It is my hope that my experiences will assist you in finding an outstanding foot/ankle surgeon. I have visited so many, in hopes of finding "the one" who could resolve my unusual situation. In 2015, I had ankle fusion surgery at Mayo Clinic - which was, unfortunately, not successful. Based on the level of arrogance and dismissiveness to my questions following surgery, I was beyond disappointed. I was not about to allow any surgeon in that department to operate on me again! For years after the surgery, I walked on the side of one foot and wore a brace daily. My daughter begged me to have revision surgery. A prominent neck & spine doctor in Scottsdale encouraged me to get the foot corrected as soon as possible. This was a structural issue that required surgery. But who was I going to trust, after having such a terrible experience ? The spine doctor strongly recommended Dr. Peter Mitchell. He said Dr. Mitchell was very extremely smart and creative, in addition to being responsive to a patient’s questions and needs. Just what I needed. A high-level professional (and a very nice human being) who hadn't forgotten the word CARE in healthcare. I went to see Dr. Mitchell and immediately knew that this was the surgeon for me. He knew exactly what needed to be done ... did not hesitate for one second to take on a patient who had bad results from a previous surgery ... kept an open communication bet...
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    Dr. Mitchell is a kindhearted, compassionate man who is very knowledgeable about what he does and extremely to the point. I've never felt anything less than completely confident in his skill, and feel so beyond blessed that I was able to find him after my initial injury and a misdiagnosis by another doctor. I've gone under the knife with him 3 or 4 times in the past five years to fix a fracture on my tallus, and every time he's answered all my questions and put me at ease. He's also amazing at working around timelines that you have (I'm a teacher, so I had to get all my surgeries at the start of summer or winter breaks). The only negative thing I can say about Dr. Mitchell is that his practice is on the complete opposite side of the valley from where I live because he's moved his practice, but that's not something I can hold against him. I would highly recommend Dr. Mitchell to anybody who does not live over an hour away from him, and even then I'd say he's worth the drive.
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    Dr. Mitchell has been my foot surgeon for several years. He did a complete ankle replacement a few years ago and recently some follow-up surgery on same foot. I have always been pleased with his work and his excellent patient care. A practicing christian physician who really cares. Can't say enough good things about him. He's top in my book.
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    Both Dr. Mitchell and his staff listen carefully to the patient to make sure they have not missed anything. As a patient, you don't feel rushed, your concerns are addressed and you leave the office with confidence that you are on the right course of action.
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    Dr. Mitchell performed surgery on my husband's ankle to fix a whole host of issues that were caused by years of damage. The surgery went very well, and Dr. Mitchell and his staff were easy to talk to, helpful, and professional.
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    We have been to Dr Mitchell many times, and he is compassionate, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. He is a talented doctor!

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Arizona Sports Medicine Center -

8630 East Via de Ventura Blvd,
Suite 201,
Scottsdale AZ, 85258

Hours: Monday To Friday, 08:00am – 05:00pm