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    Dr. Mitchell operated on both my feet just over two weeks ago. From the time I called for an appointment to my post op meeting, he was exceptionally courteous, competent, and professional. He was careful and patient to review with me the options and possible outcomes. He has alleviated the pain I experienced for over five years and has given me back the ability to hike and live a normal life. I cannot recommend Dr. Mitchell more high.
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    Dr. Mitchell has a great personality and bedside manner and I would highly recommend him, if you need foot surgery. I healed rapidly and well after the Cheilectomy that he performed and gained move movement in my toe joint after surgery. I have minimal pain in the toe joint now, and that should disappear in the months ahead.
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    I’ve had three different foot/ankle injuries and have had excellent experiences with Dr Mitchell each time. The last injury was quite severe and required a total an,Le reconstruction with ligament replacement. Dr Mitchell’s projections were exactly spot on with the recovery process. And the workmanship was perfect. Unfortunately my son inherited my ankles, now he is a new patient for Dr Mitchell. I couldn’t think of a better compliment to Dr Mitchell’s work than to recommend a family member.
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    Dr. Mitchell was more than willing to take on my situation after having an unsuccessful ankle fusion at Mayo Clinic that left me walking on the side of my foot. He was unusually caring, very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He listened and I trusted him. He knew exactly what had to be done and proved it the day of surgery. He definitely changed my life. I have been to virtually every foot/ankle surgeon in town. With total confidence, I recommend Dr. Mitchell as being the absolute best.
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    Dr. Mitchell repaired both my ankles. He replaced one and fused the other. After 25 years of ankle trouble and countless terrible doctors, I highly recommend Dr. Mitchell. He is prompt, thorough, kind and an excellent surgeon!
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    Professional, knowledgeable, great listening skills, ability to communicate treatment options well, highest skill level. Had a great outcome would recommend Dr. Mitchell very highly without reservation.
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    Dr Mitchell did a great job fixing a botched surgery
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    I had experienced constant pain in my foot after walking on a poorly-healed ankle sprain for eight years. After appointments with four other orthopedic surgeons, I selected Dr. Mitchell to repair the two damaged ligaments in my ankle. He completed the surgery back in 2007. In the 13 years since, I have not had a single day of pain after healing from my surgery. Not only is he competent, but he was thorough In his approach and compassionate about my pain. After a recent knee injury, I find myself wishing he practiced above the foot and ankle. I highly recommend Dr. Mitchell.
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    Dr Mitchell fixed my left ankle 8 years ago (perfect results) and now he’s going to fix the right ankle, too. His skill is exceptional, and on top of that he’s a really nice guy!!! I highly recommend him!
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    My first visit and the staff and doctor are very personable. It is a well organized office. The wait to see the doctor was less than 15 minutes. Dr Michelle was direct and to the point. The shot into my ankle was painless. I would recommend this office and doctor.

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