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    Caring, attentive and overall great! He truly is an amazing doctor, very competent who really takes his patient's health seriously. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
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    Dr. Mitchell is the finest foot and ankle specialist in Arizona. His surgical skills, bedside manner and understanding of his patients' needs are unparalleled.
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    This was the most professional, efficient, and patient focussed experience. I have had multiple sports injuries and surgeries but Dr. Mitchell raises the bar to the highest level. He educates you before and after surgery so that you make an informed decision. I had a radiologist with me as an advocate and he has extremely high standards, as one would expect of a father, My advocate became a raving fun. He said that Dr. Mitchell is an excellent orthopedic surgeon and an artist. Exceptional.
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    I had a Brostrom Repair with Dr Mitchell and had no problems with my surgery. He called the night of my surgery to check on me at home. Surprisingly, I had no pain other than an occasional ache relieved by Tylenol. I had no complications other than fear, which the Doctor was able to alleviate. The scar is barely visible. It's been 10 months and I'm better than I ever was. The only residual I have is some numbness that's barely noticeable. As an RN, I am incredibly satisfied and I would know.
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    Dr. Mitchell diagnosed and treated/procedure of my bone spur with great care expertise and most personable. I recommend him to anyone in need of ankle or foot the best .Other orthopedics refer to Dr. Peter Mitchell, for care in his specialty.
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    I am so very thankful for Dr. Mitchell - he was exactly the right choice. Professional, to-the-point, caring. He and his lovely staff helped ease my fears (I have never had surgery before and I was terrified) and helped me clearly understand what would happen. I cannot recommend Dr. Mitchell enough.
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    Careful, caring and highly skilled. Staff is super. Thank you.
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    I have a worker's comp injury so 've Oct 9i ended up with sever nerve damage, torn tendon, and a bone spur that had to be shaved down and when it grew back 10 years later he was there to shave it down again...I trust him very much with my feet when other doctors can't find the problem he always does...I would highly recommend Dr Peter Mitchell
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    From the minute I met Dr. Mitchell, I started to feel betterand more confident about my Achilles tendon injury. At 42, and living a healthy/injury free life, I found myself in agony with a torn Achilles and in Dr. Mitchell's waiting room. He is a great blend of intelligent and caring. Dr. Mitchell takes the time to answer the mundane questions with a sense of humor and smart enough to use the latest techniques to deliver best in class results. He is the best.
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    I went to Dr. Mitchell after having a bad consultation with another Dr. Dr. Mitchell actually listened to my story and spent the time needed to see what was going on. I am very happy with my results from my ankle surgery.

Practice Information

Arizona Sports Medicine Center -

8630 East Via de Ventura Blvd,
Suite 201,
Scottsdale AZ, 85258

Hours: Monday To Friday, 08:00am – 05:00pm