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    After visiting my MD I was referred to Dr Peter Mitchell. I was greeted by front office in a very pleasant way. My wait time to see the Doctor was well within reason. Once meeting Dr Mitchell he had me explain my issue and then he started with his questions. I never felt rushed and am satisfied with the plan of treatment he suggested.
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    Dr. Mitchell is the only surgeon i know of that personally called me the night of my surgery to see how i was doing. Also went over every detail of my upcoming surgery. Very thorough.
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    I could not speak more highly of the professionalism of this office and Dr. Peter Mitchell. I recently came in during a power outage and had to have my appointment rescheduled. The office was top notch with rescheduling me for the next morning. Dr. Mitchell was thorough in his assessment and offered me solutions that were tangible to achieving. I never felt rushed in his presence; a rare find for a doctor’s office. The receptionists and the x-ray technician were also professional and friendly. I drove out from Gilbert, almost Queen Creek, so this office has to be worth the drive; this office is worth it!
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    Dr Peter Mitchell saved me from a life of barely being able to walk. He examined my foot, took xrays and performed a surgery that totally corrected my foot. I no longer limp, nor do I experience pain in my foot. God bless Dr. Mitchell. He possess' amazing abilities and skills.
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    Phenomenal Doctor!! The care and attention to detail with great explanations on my tendon rupture was appreciated. He also explained my options available for a path forward. Highly recommend, gave me a feeling of confidence! Answered all my questions.
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    Very efficient office staff and excellent medical care from Dr. Mitchell.
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    Very nice staff. Dr Mitchell was very informative and explained things well. Took time to talk with me.
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    I have been a patient with Dr. Mitchell for over 20 years. He always has a smile on his face and is very engaged with his patient, employees and other doctors. His knowledge is world class.
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    I had fusion surgery on large toe from a broken toe with poor healing. Dr. Mitchell is passionate about his career and has genuine bedside manors. The staff is incredible. I highly recommend Dr. Peter Mitchell for any orthopedic surgeries.
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    I think Dr. Mitchell is one of the best. I had an osteotomy on my right foot 1st metatarsal joint done in 2016. Unfortunately, the screws they put in the bone caused avascular necrosis. I had just moved to AZ and the first doctor I saw wanted to do two surgeries, one for a biopsy to determine if there was an infection in the bone and two, to fuse the bone. I asked my stepson who is an Ortho for a recommendation of who to see to avoid two surgeries. He recommended Dr. Mitchell. Dr Mitchell sent me for nuclear tests…they took a large blood sample, spun it to extract the white blood cells, introduced nuclear material to the white blood cells, injected them back into my body, then scanned me to see where the white blood cells went. This completely ruled out an infection in the bone and saved me from two surgeries. I really didn’t want to have my joint fused and he suggested a new procedure. A Cartiva implant. We talked a lot about it and I decided to wait for insurance approval. When approved I got the implant. The implant has given out, as I knew it eventually would and I always knew at some point the joint would have to be fused. Dr. Mitchell gave me a few years to flex my joint and avoid messing up my gait and causing more issues. HE IS THE BEST. Honest, caring, empathetic, etc. I wouldn’t trust anyone else

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Scottsdale AZ, 85258

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